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The most elaborate Egyptian cat mummy I've ever seen. Time for a trip to The Louvre, where this treasure from 332 BCE lives.

Egyptian cat mummy, 332 BC (Louvre, Antiquités égyptiennes, France) - although…

Mummy of an kitten (hind legs pushed up on either side of the pelvis and the forelegs drawn down the body; skeleton appears to be complete with no signs of trauma; occupies only one third of the bundle; soft tissue present; the rest of the space is made up with linen packing); the wrappings, consisting of narrow strips of linen of light and redder brown, have been skillfully arranged so as to form a repeating lozenge pattern; the facial features have are modelled and emphasized with black…

In Ancient Egypt, many animals were thought to be the embodiment of certain gods and goddesses; cats were believed to represent the Egyptian Goddess Bastet

colors and fish skin

Picture of Close-up on a fish skin - blue Siamese fighting fish - Betta. stock photo, images and stock photography.

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Dave The Mackerel Dave was a mackerel that my husband caught whilst paddling in his kayak just off Chesil Cove. So taken by Dave’s beautiful markings and colours, I sadly declined a portion of him for my dinner.