Kelly Campbell, Mayberry’s Insects, art, sculpture, paper craft, book art, book sculpture

Insect Art, Paper Craft, Book Art (Mayberry’s Insects. Book sculpture by Kelly Campbell)

Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten. Passion!

Work by Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten. I like the amalgamation of the natural and artificial elements through the use of paint and the unfamiliar shapes created by the unusual angles in the composition.

Cat art - consider using any shape or subject and representing it in a variety of ways in a collage.

collage type silhouette cats cut out PRINT 8x10 by Elizabeth Rosen

collage - silhouette cats - by Elizabeth Rosen - like the cat in 3 different kinds of paper

Cardboard 3-D Art  "Self-portrait"

Cardboard Art "Self-portrait" this is nice! This came from the Lowell Middle School site. I have my doubts about middle schoolers being able to do this well with cardboard though.

JENNY SAVILLE & GLEN LUCHFORD Closed Contact #14, 1995-1996 //

Jenny Saville & Glen Luchford - Closed Contact I find this stunning! Mostly the message the artists portrayed here.

1ST? These would be cute displayed in donut boxes. Donut Sculpture with Wayne Theibaud

What a riot-love it! Kids Art Market: Donut Sculpture with Wayne Theibaud - Gr. 2 - make paper mach donuts.

Celebrities and skeletons Collage art, Pop art

The Club James Dean Amy Winehouse Buddy Holly Sid Vicious Kurt Cobain Jimmi Hendrix Skull Skelton

Jenny Saville and Glen Luchford - Closed Contact

Jenny Saville / Glen Luchford: Closed Contact, Limited Edition (with Type-C Print Version "D")