Tupperware Pitchers

Tupperware Pitchers filled with Kool Aid. So many childhood memories!-my mom still has this exact one!

Push Puppets

Pluto Maxi-Push Puppet -You could buy them at Five Dimes, what we called 'the Dime store. I loved mine! Played with it for hours!

Awe!! Had a few of these..

Weepuls, little fuzzballs with sticky feet and googly eyes and usually antennae or felt accessories

45 RPM records with a stacker

45 RPM records with a stacker = big time! I've still got a slew of 45 records and a record player to play them on.

Candlewick Bedspreads

Chenille Bedspreads - does anyone else remember being on your grandma's bed and picking one tiny bit of fuzzy stuff at a time out of these soft blankets? My poor grandma!


remember these? We used to have movie night, growing up, and my Dad would set up the screen and projector and we'd sit for hours watching old pics!

I would use this to tape off the radio back in the 70's

Panasonic Cassette Player/Recorder

tape recorder (circa - my sister and I spent hours recording songs from the radio and making our own radio station

Superballs. They bounced so high!

superballs were the childs favorite toy. He would stand there and bounce the ball for hours on end and be the happiest that she had ever seen him.

Woolworths "Pick 'n' Mix - I ate loads every Saturday AW

Woolworths "Pick 'n' Mix - we were allowed to spend our Christmas money on it!

Time to go to bed. TV is off for the night.

Teste de cores

.UK - Bassett's - Jelly Babies candy box - 1970's to early 1980's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

UK - Bassett's - Jelly Babies candy box - I remember buying these at the pictures

Frozen milk on the step

The days of having your milk delivered on your doorstep in winter! My wife remembers this happening

The coal man delivering a sack of coal. Ours used to go in the coal cellar under the stairs - these days it is where the Hoover would be kept - just to think of all that coal dust in the house !

The coal man delivering a sack of coal and emptying it into the concrete coal bunker in the back garden. We had to shovel coal into buckets even in the rain to keep the fire going!

The Man they Loved to Hate -Mick McManus....Saturday morning wrestling. My Dad wouldn't move out his armchair until this wrestling show was over.

The Man they Loved to Hate -Mick McManus.my big gran loved this, called him a "dirty dog!

I got one of these Cadbury's dairy milk miniatures, dispenser machines for my birthday. I have to admit the novelty wore off pretty quickly & refills were expensive and hard to find.

Too Wrapped Up on