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a man with no shirt on sitting behind a blue drum set and holding a pair of drums
two men are hugging each other in front of a group of people with tattoos on their arms
50 Photos That Prove Dave Grohl Is Everyone's Best Friend
a man sitting on top of a bed holding a drumstick in front of his face
Taylor Hawkins
a man standing next to a rack of meat in a grocery store with his arms crossed
two men standing next to each other in black and white
the faces of many people are shown in black and white, including one with his mouth open
Foo Fighters
an old chevrolet car is parked on the side of the road with its hood up
1958 Chevrolet Apache Pickup | W209 | Indy 2012 | Mecum Auctions
a black and white poster with the words hey you it's friday, stay funky - Premium Sounds, Drum Kits, Sample Packs & Tutorials
Friday Prince Quote #SoundOracle