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a woman sitting at a table with two black shoes on it and the caption reads, up style your boots with miss enocha & sugru
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Who said Sugru can't be high fashion darling? This beauty of an upstyling project by @missenocha uses some Black Sugru to transform a pair of boots into Balenciaga style boots, complete with faux metal toe. Whatever your style, you're gonna love this! Check out how she did it using the link attached.
how to make a herb garden from mason jars
How to make a window herb garden
Not all garden projects need to big, small garden ideas are just as great. In fact, it's easy to bring your outdoor ideas to life, inside, like this project to turn your kitchen into a leafy herb paradise. 😊 🌿 What will I need? 🌱 4 clean, empty, glass jars (Kilner, mason, jam) 🌱 4 standard hose clamps (50mm–70mm in size) 🌱 4 packs of herb seeds of your choice 🌱 2 single use packs of Sugru 🌱 1 small amount of masking tape 🌱 1 small portion soil 🌱 1 screwdriver
there are many different things that can be seen here in this collage, including scissors and other items
Make your own garden trellis with Sugru in 5 mins
Garden trellis panels can be expensive and lots of hassle to put up. We've created a great alternative so you can easily adorn your garden with a leafy climbing plant. 🍃☀️ Step 1: Prep your Sugru. Each single-use pack of Sugru can make two trellis fixtures. Gather some galvanised wire, pliers, screw hooks & a toothpick. Step 2: Clean the wall surface with a brush. Smear a small bit of Sugru on it. Then stick one of the balls onto the smeared Sugru. Step 3 ... Click link to find out more
the steps to make a succulent planter
Create your own planters in 5 easy steps
Brilliant plant project by Fall for DIY Step 1: Open your Sugru. Check the colour match with your planter. Step 2: Sugru can be mixed to create new colours. One packet of white + grey created this shade. Always start by adding a small amount of the darker colour to the lighter one. Step 3: Break off pieces of Sugru and roll them into balls, tubes or points. Step 4: Press your Sugru shape gently onto the surface of the planter. Step 5: Build up the pattern then leave to set for 24 hours!