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a blue poster with an image of a black whale and the words fix friday on it
Do you have a broken object that's too nice to let go of? You can Sugru it! An easy little fix with our mouldable glue can rescue all kinds of treasures. Give something an exciting new life, just like this lovely whale brooch found on a footpath and repaired by Sugru user @blythestar. Using some Red Sugru, they were able to save the whale and give it an eye-catching pop of colour too. Nice one! For more awesome fixing and making ideas, sign up here and enjoy 10% off
two pink and white knives sitting on top of a wooden table
Sugru Kintsugi
We love this Sugru Kintsugi by Emma, lovely work!
a man sitting at a table with tools in front of him and the words fixathome
Fix at Home
We love iFixit's #FixAtHome challenge, designed to inspire us all to make good use of the current situation by fixing the things around us and channeling creativity. Feeling motivated to fix and hack your home? Service all your tech with The #iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, a practical repair kit, with all the tools for fixing most electronics. iFixit has thousands of repair guides to help you get started - so you don’t need to be a genius to get stuck in!