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a blue poster with an image of a black whale and the words fix friday on it
Do you have a broken object that's too nice to let go of? You can Sugru it! An easy little fix with our mouldable glue can rescue all kinds of treasures. Give something an exciting new life, just like this lovely whale brooch found on a footpath and repaired by Sugru user @blythestar. Using some Red Sugru, they were able to save the whale and give it an eye-catching pop of colour too. Nice one! For more awesome fixing and making ideas, sign up here and enjoy 10% off
a wooden table topped with lots of different colored toys next to a potted plant
Learn how to make plant ties with Sugru... 🙃 (and help keep your greenery in check 👌). Did you know you can mix Sugru colours to make even more colours?! Create the perfect plant tie colour for your favourite house plant! Choose to match and blend-in, or go bold with a contrasting style 🌱🎨
an old wooden dresser with seashells on the top and bottom drawer, against a blue wall
Transform treasures found at the beach into stylish, sophisticated draw handles for your chest of draws. Just use #Sugru! 🌊 🐚
an origami camera on a blue background with a yellow star above the lens
Share your project using #mysugrufix to be entered into our monthly Fix of the Month competition. ❤️ Share fixes, inventions, whatever you’ve been up to, we’d love to see your creations and admire your Sugru-ing skills 🙂 (this colourful camera creation was made using a @makedo’s Cardboard Construction Toolkit... available at Sugru.com) 🏗
some plants are sitting on a table next to two vases and an air plant
Need some inspiration or help with a project? Let us know! We’re more than happy to get stuck in and help you master your Sugru skills ❤️ Kickstart your sugru-ing with 20% off creative kits, but hurry, offer ends midnight tomorrow, Sunday 21st June (GMT) 🚀
two wooden speakers sitting on top of a wooden floor with the words baw written on them
Fun fact: Sugru is shock-resistant, making it great for improving the sound & stability of your home speakers 🎶💃
Did you know you can use Sugru to texturise & colour-code your keys? 😮 Just think of all the time you’ll save with this beautifully simple solution to key confusion! 🔑 Bobby Pins, Hair Accessories, Beauty, Colour Code, Color Coding, Coding, Key
Did you know you can use Sugru to texturise & colour-code your keys? 😮 Just think of all the time you’ll save with this beautifully simple solution to key confusion! 🔑
a potted plant sitting on top of a white table next to a brick wall
Give your greenery a helping hand... prop them up with a moulded Sugru support so they can grow strong and happy 💪🌱
there are pictures of different things made out of wood and plants, including mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers
Get your spaces looking fresh and ready for the season by adding a little DIY into your outdoor celebrations, whether you’re planning a family BBQ, inviting your friends over for drinks on the balcony, or simply enjoying quality time in the garden, you’ll want to pull out all the stops.
three hand soaps sitting on top of a tiled wall next to each other,
No drill? No problem... get your house in order without the fuss with Sugru 👌 #repost @upcycgirl: “If, like me, you can’t trust yourself to drill into tiles without cracking them @sugru is a genius solution. Imagine play dough that can hold brackets and shelves! It’s my go-to for showers. These @merakishopdk brackets and toiletries are a touch of luxury”
a wooden table topped with different types of tools
We feel honoured to be included in @brosmind’s tools travel kit 😊 always good to keep a sachet to hand just in case you encounter any surprises en route! 🙌
three small potted plants sitting on top of a wooden table next to a book
Give plant pots a creative makeover with a distinctive patterned design. @fallfordiy crafted these simply beautiful planters using #Sugru. And guess what... they are surprisingly easy (and satisfying) to make. For all the details on this project, check out Fran’s insta @fallfordiy. Subscribe to our newsletter to get fun how-to’s and step-by-step tutorials straight to your inbox 👍
a white sink sitting under a bathroom mirror next to a wall mounted faucet
No drills, more thrills! Build bathroom shelves without drilling. Sugru bonds to all sorts of materials, including metal and ceramic, so it's perfect for this ingenious project. We've used a metal handrail with marble and slate coasters, but you can use anything to personalise your bathroom just the way you want it. 🛀 Full step-by-step instructions: https://sugru.io/bathroom-shelves
a person holding a knife in their hand with flowers in the backgroung
Look at this cool @s.drury_art creation - a prehistoric inspired flint knife using #Sugru as the bonding agent. . . “Due to the recent situation I couldn't make pine resin glue, so instead used black @sugru as a functional alternative to secure the blade. The fixture is bound with hemp cord with a little melted beeswax around the top.” . . The blade is knapped from a flake that was in a kit from @will_lord_prehistoric_survival and mounted it into a piece of Ash from my garden that I removed the
a cardboard box with an image of a monster on it's face and the words make your own monster
Make your own monster kit, the clue is in the name and it’s beyond awesome! No rules here – let your imagination run wild. Use the felt and knitted fabric to create a face, legs, or even wings. Make an angry monster or a cute one – it’s up to you, just go with the flow. New to the shop, made by @donnawilsonltd👹 💜