Amazing things can happen when you have a huge mirror to spice up your landscape photos. By Manu Pastrana.

Edit black and white imagery with VSCO Film® 07 Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel songs. follow my links

Great photo - would translate well to a painted application on interior stairs to mimic the shadow Urban Photography / Lark Foord

A bit of manchester's music nostalgia of you <3 #madchester #80's #joydivision

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-This shows reflection

In this image it would be hard to tell where it is taken from without the reflection of the street light. The image overall has a yellow tone from it from the street light. The puddle gives a good reflection of the light post


The Sun - source of heat, light and inspiration. Farmhouse Sun Beams, Austria by Andreas Resch on

The Pastel-Hued World Of Instagram Artist Michele Bisaillon –

The Pastel-Hued World Of Instagram Artist Michele Bisaillon