I just love this photo so much!! - Tasha

Alexandra Cameron on

Once upon a time in Alex land.: Adventures with Zoella and the GIANT Watering…

from instagram// i love her outfit and hair   #zoella #zoesugg

Zoe Sugg- Short wavy hair Wearing denim play suit with a pale jumper perfect for…

ZOELLA BEAUTY Sweet Inspirations - amzn.to/2fDgJKk - Luxury Beauty - http://amzn.to/2hZFa13

ZOELLA BEAUTY Sweet Inspirations is going to be apart of the new products out now page within my magazine as it is a cute picture with nice colours used to which would look good in my magazine.

I wish i could meet her

Zoella on

"Hey, I'm Zoe, i have a pretty rough past. I did some pretty unexplainable things.

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