Stanley Llewellyn Wood

Stanley Llewellyn Wood (1866 - 1928) was a Victorian English illustrator, noted for his prolific output of scenes featuring horses in action. His illustrations…
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an old drawing of two men on horses chasing another man in the middle of a battle
an advertisement for the buffalo bill's wild west rodeo featuring a cowboy riding a bucking bronco
an old painting of men in uniforms fighting
A4 Poster. The Square at Abu-Klea, January 17th, 1885 (litho)
this is an old drawing of men fighting in the sand with spears and shields on their heads
A4 Poster. The Battle of Abu-Klea, January 17th, 1885 (litho)
Roland, Ron, American Frontier, Oliver
The art of war: Photo
an image of a painting of soldiers attacking tanks
A Tank Attack, 1916
A Tank Attack, 1916 | Art UK
a drawing of two men hugging each other with one holding the other's arm
A Large, Bearded Man Carrying a Wounded Soldier
Russo-Japanese War: A Large, Bearded Man Carrying a Wounded Soldier | Art UK
a painting of men in kilts and uniform marching on grass with trees in the background
Massed Bands
Massed Bands | Art UK
an old western poster with two men riding horses and one man on the back of a horse