Surreal Photography by Gabriel Isak |

Surreal Photography by Gabriel Isak

A Psychologist's Journey to Life: Day 204: She Works Hard for the Money, Part 2

These 11 Creepy Mirror Photos Will Make You Scared To Look At Yourself Ever Again

If you don't know Maurizio Anzeri's work then I really suggest you check them out. SO EFFING BEAUTIFUL.  La Famiglia (2013)

Maurizio Anzeri's embroidered photographs make patterns of the past

where your face used to be

Take a mug shot style photo. Rip out the eyes rip out the mouth rip it in half shred it into as many pieces as possible and collage them do the thing in the pin out the face and stick it back upside down

Los grandes desconocidos

Invisible archival pigment print 2010 by Chad Wys