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WHO: Gerhard Richter; WHAT: WHY: I love the simplicity of this piece, and the vertical line on the left hand side. It adds definition to the piece and the colours contrast well which enhances them and makes them stand out.

Clean Sheets by Howard Hodgkin perfect for emerald inspiration

Howard Hodgkin : Clean Sheets - I was lucky enoiugh to meet Mr Hodgkin (or 'Howie' to his chums) one evening.

The new work by Howard Hodgkin, based on Hat-Trick's Welsh National Opera

Passion lies between one mark and the next and also within all of them by Howard Hodgkin

Howard Hodgkin, Green Thoughts

Howard Hodgkin Green Thoughts 2007 - 2009 22 ⅝ x 26 x Painting Oil on wood. 'Annihilating all that's made / To a green thought, in a green shade', Andrew Marvell, 'The Garden'.

Howard Hodgkin | Eye (2000), Available for Sale | Artsy

HOWARD HODGKIN Eye, 2000 hand coloured lift-ground etching and aquatint from 2 copperplates with carborundum from 1 aluminium plate on cotton paper 11 × 13 in × 33 cm Edition of 80

"And the Skies are not Cloudly All Day" by Howard Hodgkin

anartreference: And the Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day Howard Hodgkin, Nothing if not critical: selected essays on art and artists, by Robert Hughes. (Chapter on English Art in the Twentieth Century.