Dancing ribbon ring (for toddler son and young niece)

dancing ribbon-made with fabric

DIY Dancing Ribbon Wands - easy to make, and my kids are absolutely loving them.

Dancing Ribbon Wand

I am super psyched to bring you this water bottle comet craft. You will turn a water bottle into a rocket that shoots across the sky.

Lumisource LS-MIR MADNESS Energy Saving Mirror Disco Ball Strobe, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0045CXY3E/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_awd_OCNzsb1N20K60

Disco Fever Mirror Madness - Rotating disco ball reflects hundreds of facets into any room - AC powered - Product measures l x w x h

Prism Globe Multicolor LED Flashing Wand, Amazing disco-ball light effects! by China. $2.24. This new prismatic globe wand is sure to light up your party! Perfect for Kids, Ravers, Bike riders, Concert and Party goers alike, this is the ultimate light-up party toy! Imagine holding in your hand a luminous torch, which works like a multi-color disco ball on steroids! Just press the button and watch in amazement the mesmerizing effects created by this wand on everything around. It's...

Flashing Panda LED Prism Globe Multicolor Flashing Wand, Amazing disco-ball light effects