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an open notebook with oranges on it next to markers and pencils, along with some green leaves
Sketchbook Spread
an open notebook with various items on it
Travel Diary Sketches and Moleskine Drawings
an open book with some writing on it next to a pen and ink rollers
Travel Diary Sketches and Moleskine Drawings
Drawing Challenge: 30 Days of Drawing Prompts to Boost Your Creativity.
Do you want to challenge yourself and unleash your creativity? Join the 30 days of drawing challenge and draw something new every day based on the prompts provided. You can use any medium, style, and level of detail you want. Share your drawings with the hashtag #30daysofdrawing and see what others have created.
an artistic painting of a building with cars parked in front
an open book with pictures and words on it, including sea creatures in the pages
an open notebook with drawings on it and a drawing of a girl in a cone
an open book with some drawings on it