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Is Liam Gallagher going to brother Noel Gallagher's Manchester gig? - Manchester Evening News

Is Liam Gallagher going to brother Noel Gallagher's Manchester Arena gig?

One of a series of cult books about skinheads by Richard Allen

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Teddy Girls photographed by Ken Russell, 1950s

If you're into mid-century British youth culture -- and who isn't? -- you probably know all about Teddy Boys, the rock 'n roll dandies in long jackets and creepers. But perhaps you didn't realize there was a whole subculture of Teddy Girls, too.

The Edwardian Teddy Boy - Welcome and Introduction

Teddy Boys gather outside a Picture House on the Old Kent Road,

another classic skinhead photo

A celebration of the styles, sounds and fashions of subcultures from all eras - from the mod, suedehead & skinhead axis to the teds, rockers and cafe racers story through to punk and the NYC gangs that pre-dated hip hop.

The Edwardian Teddy Boy - Bombsite Boudiccas 1

Teddy Girl Eileen on an East End bombsite with a Teddy Boy. This image is taken from a series of photographs by Ken Russell who's 1955 portraits of "Bombsite Boudiccas" are among the only records of the female side of the Teddy subculture.

Sid Vicious & Johnny Rotten by Adrien Boot

Image of oxford street (punk / sex pistols / oxford street /

Ken Russell's Teddy Girls essay

Cool Cats and Tom Boys: Ken Russell’s ‘The Last of the Teddy Girls’