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there's how you dry a wetsuit everything you can do in the water
HERE’S How You Dry a Wetsuit! (Everything You Can Do)
Hang it up, folded at the waistline inside out in indirect sunlight or in a warm, ventilated place. Leave your wetsuit to drip dry for 6 to 12 hours, depending on how warm it is and turn it inside out at the halfway point and leave it to dry again.
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Best Wetsuit Drying Racks: All Options
The best wetsuit drying rack I’ve found is actually a laundry hanger that I place in the bath overnight after washing my wetsuit. There are specific wetsuit hangers, but these are not quite as good...
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Scuba gear drying ra
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there is a rack full of wet suits
wetsuit storage
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Wetsuit dry rack made with pvc
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Scuba Drying Rack
Scuba Drying Rack | by segundo3000gt
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Scuba gear drying rack
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PVC Drying racks for scuba gear and Drysuit
PVC Drying racks for scuba gear and Drysuit - YouTube