A healthy burger that's filling too. These are great for anyone who craves a big bite but doesn't want the calories

Falafel burgers

BBC Good Food falafel burgers: I make these into normal sized falafel but I'm sure either would be just as delicious

Veggie noodles with curried coconut sauce | Jamie Oliver

Veggie noodles with curried coconut sauce

Halloumi with griddled vegetables

Halloumi with griddled vegetables

Mushroom sourdough bruschettas

Mushroom sourdough bruschettas

GALETTE BRETONNE À LA FORESTIÈRE - basically a mushroom crepe. Looks incredible!

Galette bretonne à la forestière

Galette Bretonne A La Forestiere: A buckwheat crêpe (called galette) filled with mushrooms, pancetta, cheese and cream.


How's about an Irish cheese plate for Paddy's Day? Or some raclette, using St. All as inspired by a recent Slow Food Ireland raw milk cheese tasting.

Caramelised figs for raclette dessert

Great things to put on a raclette

Enjoying a casual meal with friends is super easy a raclette at the ready. Check out these great topping ideas to make the most out of your melted cheese.