Mary Fedden Still Life with Pineapple and Figs 1987 - oil on canvas

Bonhams 1793 : Mary Fedden R. (British, born Still life with a pineapple and figs x 77 cm.

Mary Fedden

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Mary Fedden, The Lamp

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Mary Fedden - White Cyclamen 2002

Mary Fedden - White Cyclamen Fedden is one of those painters with an instantly recognisable style. There's sometimes just an nice edge of the surreal as well as the charming decorative elements.

'A Cat In Mousehole' by Mary FEDDEN RA OBE (1915-2012). A lovely image offered by Kaye Michie Fine Art at The Edenbridge Galleries, Kent.

Mary Fedden still lifes of cats place the cats in front of a wide range of landscapes and interiors and are executed in a bold manner.

Mary Fedden 1995 Oil on Canvas 30 x 36 inches

Mary Fedden 1995 Oil on Canvas 30 x 36 inches