The PERFECT Sprinkle Cookie Recipe!!

Sprinkle Cookies via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen- who doesn't want a simple and easy sugar cookie recipe in their back pocket?

Dessert Recipes, How to Make Fudge With Condensed Milk - Ultimate Fudge | Nestlé Carnation

Ultimate Fudge

Ultimate Fudge - This is one of our oldest and most treasured recipes - can Carnation Condensed Milk milk demerara sugar butter

Breast Cancer Awareness Treats : Strawberry Sugar Cookies

Strawberry sprinkle sugar cookies with a white chocolate surprise inside. Fun and pretty sweet for Valentine's Day! Or October Breast Cancer Month

Foolproof Holiday Fudge Recipe

Foolproof Holiday Fudge

Foolproof Holiday Fudge - Martha Stewart Recipes - Martha knows what she's talking about! Made this at Christmas as gifts for my friends and the couldn't get enough of it!

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood's Christmas Baking Recipes

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood's Christmas baking recipes

Home made Marshmallows

I do not like marshmallows much but maybe the homemade type will be better. Homemade marshmallows are easy to make, impress at gatherings, and make store bought marshmallows weep with shame. Try them and you'll never go back!

Easy Cola Cake Recipe

Easy Cola Cake Recipe - Hubby isn't a chocolate lover so will save this for next potluck or LIFE group get together!