Tents, fairy lights and pretty things!

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Good idea for a girly outdoor tent - doubt if boys would like it so much - they'd prefer camouflage materials!!

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Make a super quick garden tent for the kids.....screw the kids, i'm making me one of these this summer! x

Clothesline tent combo // String a rope in your backyard. let the kids bring out a bedsheet & drape it over. weigh it down on the edges. Sprawl out a blanket. let them have their very own pincic & day play camp out!

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Just as the glorious weather begins the team at "Down that Little Lane" have put together their inspirational decor for your garden ideas! Here are some great things you can do to spice up your garden and turn it into an outdoor haven!

eek, gotta do this! for camping in the living room for a movie night :) don't forget the popcorn, goodies, and some homemade cookies!

Art I wish I was smart enough as a kid to make a fort that awesome. This site has really cool ways to use christmas lights in rooms! my-future-home-s

Night in with me - whilst we plan for the big day.

I wanna build a fort. A fort with sheets and blankets. And an abundance of string lights , oh how I love string lights.

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