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for back pain.

Yoga For Back Pain Infographic.The benefits of yoga on symptoms of lower back pain are mostly physical as a result of strengthening and stretching of muscles. I have scoliosis so maybe this will help with the pain

Borax-Free Slime Dough | FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS

Borax-Free Slime Dough 2 and c. shampoo 6 tablespoons water liquid watercolors/food coloring to desired shade

Home Made Moon Sand Recipe

Homemade Moon Sand Recipe Sensory Play cups play sand 2 cup corn flour (corn starch in US) 1 cup water 2 tbsp coloured powder paint (we divided our plain mix into two so we could make both pink and purple) huge sprinkling of glitter

Two ingredient EDIBLE homemade paint recipe - safe for babies and toddlers and fun for all ages!

Two ingredient edible, toddler safe homemade paint recipe - sweetened condensed milk and food coloring - quick and easy, but very sticky and messy. Dries bright and glossy.