James Herbert - Others (1999)

Others: Nicholas Dismas is a private investigator, but like no other that has gone before him. He is hired to find a missing baby and his investigation leads him to discover the dark secret of the Others and to resolve the enigma of his own existence.

James Herbert - Portent (1992)

It is the near future and signs of an impending global disaster are multiplying. Earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions sweep the earth. As the storms and tempests rage, a series of ominous events… read more at Kobo.

Nobody True, James Herbert

Released: 2003 In this novel, Jim True has been murdered but he is still aware.

Shrine James Herbert

The Shrine by James Herbert. My first James Herbert book read it as a teenager and was hooked have read every single book of his by far my favourite author was so sad when he passed away.

Moon, James Herbert

Moon by James Herbert - book cover, description, publication history.

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