Winter wedding

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two women in white dresses standing next to each other near an old building with ivy on it
Couple session
photo : @morganecaullephoto Dresses : Flowers : @suzajo Venue : @EcoDomaineduChalonge
a wooden table topped with white flowers and candles
photo : @morganecaullephoto Flowers : @suzajo place : @EcoDomaineduChalonge Tableware : @vdecoevenenements
an empty room with chairs and flowers on the fireplace mantel, in front of a stone wall
Winter flowers ceremony
photo : @morganecaullephoto Flowers : @suzajo Furnitures: @Obonheurdesdames
a woman in a white wedding dress holding a bridal bouquet with her arm around her neck
Mariage d'hiver
photo : @morganecaullephoto Dresses : Flowers : @suzajo