Suzanne Dempsey

Suzanne Dempsey

Suzanne Dempsey
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Paleo Sandwich Bread

This lovely paleo sandwich bread is ge, low-carb and so simple to make, and it makes the perfect bread for your sandwiches too!


It's only right that breakfast on the weekend is a little more indulgent and waffles are the perfect fit. I have recently discovered that it is possible to make the BEST vegan gluten free waffles without compromising on taste or texture.

GF Sourdough Bread Boule == Art of Gluten Free Baking

GF Sourdough - I like her approach, but would like to note that you do NOT need a dutch oven to bake sour dough bread. This Dutch Oven in a real oven fad is wearing a tad thin, I know it looks rustic and all, but.

Cream-of-Whatever Soup Substitute - Can be made gluten and dairy free!!!

Cream-of-Whatever Soup Substitute: This is a basic white sauce. I have a few recipes that use canned cream of soups, and I know that this is healthier, but never seem to remember to use this instea (Homemade Mix Dairy Free)