Miguel Barclay’s butternut squash tagliatelle

Butternut squash turns so thick and creamy when oven baked that you can get away with using it as the only additional ingredient in a pasta dish. It has a gorgeous sweet but savoury flavour and is the perfect ingredient to create a luxuriously rich meal.

Miguel Barclay’s Mushroom risotto

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Miguel Barclay’s Goan cauliflower curry

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Miguel Barclay’s pork chop in mustard and leek sauce

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Miguel Barclay’s butternut squash risotto

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Miguel’s Barclay’s sweetcorn and courgette feta fritters

Miguel Barclay's sweetcorn and courgette feta fritters - Asda Good Living

Miguel Barclay’s roasted aloo gobi

From making your own pizza to a tasty mushroom risotto and a hearty butternut squash tagliatelle - Miguel Barclay shares his recipes.

Miguel Barclay’s Fiorentina pizza

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Miguel Barclay’s Mexican tortilla soup

‘This is a bold-flavoured, substantial and chunky soup that requires no blender.

Miguel Barclay’s green shakshuka

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