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Teddy bear sandwiches

Cute Food for Kids' Bear Nutella sandwich may be targeted for children, but why should kids get all the fun (and nutella? The site is a.

Teddy bear picnic anyone?

please make me bear bread. Another Pinner: Bear Bread. The recipe is translated from japanese, so it's all metric and stuff. but I bet these would be fantastic with just some standard sweet bread and a cup of tea with honey.


sweet little teddy bear.reminds me of my kids childhood.always found stuffed animals in their bed.even when they were no longer there.

nice lanterns

Picnics mean gingham, over sized bright stripes, umbrellas, and vintage style blankets and quilts. We were excited to work these ideas into a few wedding inspiration boards. This actual picnic wed…

A Teddy Bear Picnic

I want to have theme nights/days with our future kids! Here is a cute idea: Teddy Bear Picnic

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