Gorgeous Japanese fabric. detail , SUNTORY MUSEUM OF ART "Bingata-dyed fabrics"

bingata-dyed fabrics are characterized by strong distinctive patterns developed under the influence of seafaring trade between china, southeast asia, and japan from the or century. from suntory museum of art.

Groovy green we love patterns and we have this one in stock, yeah! http://nauli.de

groovy green pattern - [part of someone else's caption, modified]

Pez Koi- Representa la abundancia, colocar una representación de ellos en el Sureste atraerá la riqueza al hogar y a los negocios. Feng Shui

Imperial Koi (one of the deeper meanings of Koi is "overcoming adversity"

Kazuyuki Ohtsu woodblock print of Zuisenji temple in Kamakura. BLOWS MY MIND that I've been here before!

Kazuyuki Ohtsu

by Kazuyuki Ohtsu woodblock print, Japan

Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration - Japanese Art | KUMASHIRO Yuhi (1712~1773) | #Japanese #Art

Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration - Japanese Art | KUMASHIRO Yuhi (1712~1773) | #Japanese #Art

Brown Hare by Jane Crowther. Design for Bug Art greeting cards.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Scarf; Japanese print inspired.  #divine #uxury #scarf

ca 1995 Jean Paul Gaultier scarf.

Genshoku Nihon no bijutsu (20) someori, shiko, kinko [Japanese art in colour, v.20: Weaving and dyeing, lacquer work, metalwork] Tokyo: Shogakkan, 1969, pp. 42-43.  Baill EA f 6013 G726 v.20    A kosode kimono dyed with ai and patterned with a design drawn by Ukiyoe master Katsukawa Shunsho.

Japanese textile - Katazome is a traditional Japanese dye technique using a…

Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration - Japanese Art | Haruyo Morita

Mis Laminas para Decoupage

Haruyo Morita: Yozakura - Jigsaw Puzzle By Educa

I like this Japanese Print

Bicycle in the Pleasure Quarter, after Yoshitoshi


vintage japanese bird art that I want as a tattoo