Suzanne Stenton

Suzanne Stenton

Suzanne Stenton
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New Horse Owners: Homemade show jumps - oil barrels

Empty oil barrels have always made useful jumps, poles can be rested on the barrels or the barrels themselves can be jumped. Now an innov.

homemade horse jump

Maddison age: 5 with her pony Patches. Patches is a 7 year old pony, hunter jumper. He is extremely sassy and likes to buck. He is Maddison's first pony ever and she has done some basic dressage with him too

diy horse jumps | DIY Jump Cups - LOVE these! So simple and SO SMART!

DIY Jump Cups Just a pin, rope, and blocks! Two x scrap blocks with a hole drilled through, some string, and a 15 cent galvanized nail (with the end cut off to blunt) Jump Cup Front View