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Homemade children's trousers, basic pattern

pants = pantalones :) Basic Comfy Kids Pants - My son, Agent M, is a bean pole and it is difficult to find pants that at long enough for him. This pattern looks easy enough even for me, and I could easily adjust the length if needed.

Cute. Could be a part of a library display with the Shakespeare books from the collection.

miniprof: adventures-of-a-strange-mind: Phrases and idioms that we still use, which were coined by William Shakespeare. now this is legitimate shit you can attribute to good ole Billy Shakes. the man definitely had a way with phrases.

How to Sew PANTS! | Pretty Prudent

Best baby pant tutorial ever! I just do a simple elastic top on mine. I have made two pairs so far and made the second one in about 20 minutes!