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two birds are flying near a bird feeder hanging from a tree branch with another bird in the background
the garden is being built and ready to be used as a planter for plants
Vertical Gardening 101: Trellis and Raised Garden Box Combo's Amazing Benefits - DIY projects for everyone!
Having a small backyard shouldn't stop you from growing any kind of produce that you want! There are plenty of solutions for backyard gardening and a trellis and raised garden box combination is a great example. Cucumber, snap peas, green beans, tomatoes… ah, just think about that fresh organic food you can grow in a small area! Another huge advantage of this system is that it makes harvesting a breeze.
pink roses are blooming in the garden
15 Fascinating Facts About Rose Fragrance
Article on the bouquet (scent) of roses. These beauts are Queen of Sweden roses.
the edible flowers chart is shown in black and white
Ultimate guide to edible flowers
Ultimate guide to edible flowers
an old house with green shutters and flowers in the foreground, surrounded by greenery
A Visit to Monet’s Garden at Giverny
Weekend Getaway from Paris: Giverny, France. (Monet's Garden)
a person holding up some very large green plants with roots in their hands and dirt on the ground
How to Re-Grow Ginger from Kitchen Scraps
How to Re-Grow Ginger from Kitchen Scraps
an info sheet showing the different types of food in each country, including meats and vegetables
A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet #infographic
Infographic: A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet
there are three pots that have onions in them, and one has green stems growing out of it
How to grow sprouted onions
Alternative Gardning: How to grow sprouted onions
a bunch of vegetables that are on top of a cell phone with the caption's description below
Grow plants from kitchen scraps
Foods that Will Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps
an outdoor seating area is decorated with lights and potted plants
Outdoor Lighting : Target
Keep string lights up all year long so your backyard will always feel magical.
a garden filled with lots of plants next to a wooden fence and purple picket fence
how to start a garden in your backyard
an assortment of miniature garden designs on wheels
some rocks that have writing on them
Herb Markers
DIY Herb Markers