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a baby wrapped in a yellow and white blanket sleeping on top of a blue towel
Butterfly and Moths Baby Blanket | Suzie Lee Knitwear
Knitting, stripes, made in uk Stripes, Blankets, Knitted Scarves, Knit Scarf
Knitting bold stripes in reds and pinks
Stripes of reds and pinks.
Before the rain, my walk to work
Before the rain, there was beautiful sunshine and bird song. My short daily morning walk to the knit studio.
a red and white bag sitting on top of a wooden floor next to dried flowers
Knitwear accessories colour inspiration Wool, Raw Material, Natural Fibers, Soft Yarn, Washed, Yarn, Kent
Colourful surroundings in the studio
Suzie loves colour and has a studio full of inspiration
Winter, Toasty
Winter warmers
a woman wearing a pink and blue shawl standing in front of a white wall
Knitted Fair Isle Wrap Scarf- Pink & Diesel | Suzie Lee Knitwear
Knitted Fair Isle Wrap Scarf- Pink & Diesel Blanket Scarf