Numbers and Counting Activity

Numbers & Counting Activity

This activity gives children the opportunity to see the different numbers and match the amount of popsicle sticks to the number. This helps children learn math with numbers and matching.

More than just a bookshelf by Teach Preschool - clipboards on the back (",)

Getting the most value out of a bookshelf in the preschool classroom

Making clipboards and paper available to encourage children to represent their ideas in play ---add to our wall

Science Mindset Bulletin Board I heard a "ting" during my most challenging class today and was reminded that I had yet to check my inbox. So, after the students scurried out the door, I sat down to c

Science Mindset: Do you think like a Scientist? (Kate's Classroom Cafe)

Science Bulletin Board Do you think like a scientist? This Science Bulletin Board emphasizes the science process and a growth mindset. Display all year long as a reminder of how scientists stay optimistic, open-minded and dedicated to improvement.

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