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They spend a week gardening - Anne and Stuart Grindle stand on the hallowed turf, proudly showing off their immaculate garden at their home in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

a bit of grass, a lot of garden. cool mix of materials and shapes. | greengardenblog.comgreengardenblog.com

A round lawn anchors a new garden with a promising mix of materials and shapes.

1. Thuja occidentalis 'Holmstrup'      9. Deren white 'Aurea'  2. Serbian spruce 'Pendula'       10. Yew ‘Washingtonii’  3. Juniperus communis 'Stricta'      11. The rocky juniper 'Blue Arrow'  4. Thuja occidentalis 'Dumosa'      12. Japanese Spiraea 'Goldmound'  5. Blue spruce 'Glauca'      13. Cuff soft 'Auslese'  6. Blue spruce 'Maigold'      14. The English physocarpus 'Diabolo'  7. Catnip Siberian      15. Yew berries  8. Thuja occidentalis 'Aurea'      16. The European larch 'Pendula'

Makes the garden match the pine environment we see from the garden. But I'd keep the extra trees small.

Classic-Style Landscape Plan

Landscape Design: Big Ideas for Your Landscape

Use geometry to give your yard a classic feel. Here, a square lawn connected to a rectangular patio and formal rose garden offers interesting angles that play well off the house.

Spatial design is a wonderful way to define your garden spaces and  determine planting bed locations. Luckily there is a process to lead us  through this exciting design journey. A few weeks ago I began introducing  the design process through bubble diagrams, then garden structure studies.  This post will now highlight the next step: the preliminary design.    The preliminary design builds on the garden structure study by adding the  location of plant and hardscape materials, though plants…

Mar 9 Designing Your Garden: The Preliminary Design

Iowan Lisa Orgler's website's chock full of beautiful garden designs - vegetables + flowers, too! She also designs beautiful Iowa-themed cards and patterns. We're lucky to have her in our corner of the world.

Exploring the fringe of garden design (Curvilinear Preliminary Design) | Lisa Orgler

About a year ago I did a series of posts that showcased three parts of the design process. For those that struggle with how to start their landscape design this process is amazing. The idea is to arrange your spaces conceptually with bubbles, move thos

Circular lawn round themed garden design with a curved path and pergola. - Gardening Lene

Clever path for transition, use paving slabs for path Circular lawn round themed garden design with a curved path and pergola.

Eplans Landscape Plan - A Yard Featuring a Raised-Bed Vegetable Garden from Eplans - House Plan Code HWEPL11984

Eplans Landscape Plan: Here's a wonderful plan for the serious backyard gardener and outdoor chef: a yard featuring a raised-bed vegetable garden and a spacious deck with an outdoor kitchen for serving and enjoying the homegr

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