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Beautiful 'Forever Love' Bracelet, personalised with names/ dates/ words of your choice. Disc is 3mm thick and can be stamped on both sides (2 sided stamping will cost extra). Crystals and cord come in all different colours and can be selected at checkout. Made from Aluminium and Nylon cord. Aluminium does not tarnish or react with the skin. For more information, please see our FAQ section. Presents For Mum, Forever Love, Love Bracelets, Different Colors, Dates, Stamping, Cord, Colours, Crystals



This is a luxurious solid stainless steel necklace, perfect for Mum on Mothers Day. It's smooth, shiny and has a nice weight to it. It comes with a chain and will be presented in a box. It comes in three gorgeous colours. These take slightly longer to make due to ordering the materials in. Please allow 3-4 weeks for turnaround. If you do need this sooner, please contact us to see if we can get the materials in any quicker. Made from stainless steel. Love Necklace, Washer Necklace, Presents For Mum, Stainless Steel Necklace, Mothers, Smooth, Things To Come, Colours, Gift Ideas

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This beautiful necklace is personalised with names of your choice. This is perfect to put names of your children or the names of loved ones. Perfect Valentines present.  The washer is made from Aluminium and comes with a stainless steel chain. It's completed by the beautiful swarovski channel charms, of which you can choose the colours to make your necklace that extra bit special. Presents For Mum, Valentines Presents, Love Necklace, Washer Necklace, Stainless Steel Chain, Metal Stamping, Beautiful Necklaces, Swarovski, Washers



Beautiful initial necklace, perfect for adding multiple loved ones close to your heart. Complete with crystal bicone beads. This is perfect for Valentines, Mother's Day and birthdays. Drop Necklace, Initial Necklace, Presents For Mum, Initials, Birthdays, Valentines, Beads, Crystals, Bracelets



This is a beautiful, delicate wrap bracelet that is perfect for someone with any metal allergies. Presents For Mum, Silk Wrap Bracelets, Sari Silk, Allergies, Hand Stamped, Boho Chic, Delicate, Names, Metal


This is a beautiful, delicate wrap bracelet that is perfect for someone with any metal allergies.

This beautiful piece is the perfect present for any mum. Get your childs name and date of birth hand stamped along with their birthstone. Alternatively, have the name of the one you love along with a special date and a crystal colour of your choice. All stainless steel and swarovski chanel charm. Presents For Mum, All Stainless Steel, Birthstone Necklace, Birthstones, Hand Stamped, Washer Necklace, Swarovski, Chanel, Colour



This is a lovely necklace to keep the names of your loved ones close to your heart. Love Necklace, Washer Necklace, Pendant Necklace, Presents For Mum, Dates, First Love, Swarovski, Channel, Colour


This is a lovely necklace to keep the names of your loved ones close to your heart.