St. Patrick's Day Food Ideas

Emerald Gemstones Green boats in Nova Scotia a destination for travelers visiting this tiny province on Canada’s eastern seaboard to

Key lime cupcakes with white chocolate frosting and salted pistachios

Key Lime Cupcakes topped with DELICIOUS White Chocolate Frosting & Salted Pistachios. (translate to GF?

If I were a pirate, this would be my ship. Emerald green sails against dusk and sea is hauntingly beautiful.

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Dieting can be difficult when it comes to holidays, especially for drinks. Cinco de Mayo does not have to be an exception with low carb green tea mojitos.

I love this colorful hair, hairstyle. I tend to dye my hair alot, more than I probably should. I have been doing different colors since I was fifteen. I feel like dying and reinventing your style is a non-ending cycle.

Virgin Mojitos

Learn how to make a simple, quick and easy Virgin Mojito with the help of this step by step photo recipe

amazing color holy smokes this is bright. Guess you'll be noticed this way eh?