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The Steampunk Home: March 2010

I would use this design for the kitchen: the counter and cabinets and the center island, with prep sink and inlaid cutting board plus and extra set of burners and an oven. Stainless steel counters are so easy to keep clean and indestructible.

deusexarma: Martin Sheaths hand-made,... Beautiful, want one for each knife in my collection

Martin Swinkels, sheath - Andrew Jordan, knife (Commander) - Bushcraft Sheath design with buckles and Sam Brown studs and features a removable Kydex insert. I love the features and design of this, looks and practicality

nice rivets!!!

Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe (crop) - 2011 Silverstone Classic by rookdave, via sports cars cars sport cars vs lamborghini cars