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Papelote Notebook Strap  | Bureau Direct

The Papelote Notebook strap is an excellent solution to loose pens in a bag allowing you to secure them to your trusty notebook, a great product.

Trees, trees against the sky –  / O I have loved them well!  / There are pleasures you cannot buy,  / Treasures you cannot sell,  / And not the smallest of these  / Is the gift and glory of trees….  / So I gaze and I know now why  / It is good to live – and to die….  / Trees and the Infinite Sky. Robert Service /     / A night sky in Autumn…where does the tree stop and the sky start?…...

‘The Gift and The Glory’ Hardcover Journal by ©Janis Zroback

November has come to the forest, / To the meadows where we picked the cyclamen. / The year fades with the white frost / On the brown sedge in the hazy meadows, / Where the deer tracks were black in the morning. / Ice forms in the shadows.. / The yellow maple leaves eddy above them, / The glittering leaves of the cottonwood, / The olive, velvety alder leaves, / The scarlet dogwood leaves, / Most poignant of all. /     / In the afterno...

’ Hardcover Journal by ©Janis Zroback

화양연화 - Dead Leaves by auriee

This love, like the dead leaves Never,never fall. Repaint of my previous speedpaint from last week, because it deserved a proper rendering job. I have an annotated video walkthrough of this piece h.

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‘"You Can Survive Anything" Tree’ Hardcover Journal by thelatestkate