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a man sitting at a piano with the words red emney on it's cover
27 of the Worst Bad Album Covers for Your Eyes & Ears | Team Jimmy Joe
It's always a party at Fred's house ~~ worst bad album covers ~ fred emend
a man standing next to a white horse on top of a cloud filled sky with the words lane steinberg and his magic pony
Crank Up 22 Creepy Bad Album Covers! | Team Jimmy Joe
Lane Steinberg & His Magical Pony ~ Creepy Bad Album Cover Art
an album cover with the band bacon on it
Bacon - hot off the griddle
th' High-Strung & Knife-Happy Hillbilly Blues Revue Greatest Album Covers, Allman Brothers, Record Album, Vinyl Records
th' High-Strung & Knife-Happy Hillbilly Blues Revue
th' High-Strung & Knife-Happy Hillbilly Blues Revue
a person holding up a book in front of a bookshelf
pink fish media
More bad album covers. - pink fish media
the cover of ken dodd's album strange fruit and other recordings, featuring an image of a smiling man in a white suit
Could hardly think of anything more appropos...
an old photo of a man and woman with the caption by request, the snurds
By Request : The Snurds
the cover art for john knacke's album till kissed you pie in the sky
bad album cover
the lady red album cover with black men in bathing suits and afros on it
Rudy Ray Moore Presents the Lady Reed Album: "Queen Bee Talks". 1970
an album cover for spotlight on steve with three men in suits and one man wearing glasses
men of god
Spotlight on Steve. Why does Steve get all the attention!!!??????
two clowns with their faces painted red and white
From The Stacks: Double Shot of Willie Hamburger
Bad album cover or worst album cover? Discuss.
a poster with an image of a man in uniform and the words when the moon pees over the hill
When the Moon Peeps O'er the Hill - The Singing Postman
the lady red album cover with black men in bathing suits and afros on it
python-ogre -
The Lady Reed will speak, but only to men in their underpants.
an album cover for the music to burn your dreams by carlton bonnet, with a man in a blue suit
Buried Dreams
the cd cover for chad morgan's album at his sunday best is on display
chad morgan at his best. At least there is no close up of his teeth!