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An illustration from one of my favorite childrens books as a little girl - Hans Christian Anderson's original Little Mermaid as illustrated by Charles Santore

Just when you thought you didn't want to go back in the water with The Little Mermaid, Charles Santore freshens up the old story by Hans Christian Andersen with alluring design and illustrations, making it an intriguing book for all ages.

What lurks underneath the surface?(Marine Monster by Sebastian Giacobino) I may never swim again

A Siren isn't really a sea monster but sailors have told tales of these beautiful women that sing to you and seduce you into their trap of bloodlust. They are said to eat the sailors alive or drowned them deep in the ocean.

✽ arthur rackham - 'rhine maiden lamenting'

venusmilk: Arthur Rackham Rhine Maiden Lamenting,’The Rhinegold and The Valkyrie’

tutorial on drawing skin

Supplement for Section II of the Skin tutorial. It’s much easier to see the compare the colors for the different skin tones in this format. SKIN: a chart - SUPPLEMENT IMG

the "correct" anatomy of wings on people. This is amazing!

How to draw wings on people/angels. This is a good explaination of the correct anatomy of wings on people. Technically, winged people shouldn't have arms.