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When i travel I always try to figure out where to eat well. But before that I almost always check out what museums are in my destination city, what their collections feature, what exhibits are currently up. There a few better things to do with a friend, a loved one, or just by oneself than explore a good art museum. So, SWW on painting; that was kind of an inevitability.
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Turner. The Tate Gallery. So many wonderful Turner paintings there. Joseph Mallord William Turner - light, beautiful light, and anticipations of everything Impressionism codified.

Joseph Mallord William Turner, Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight, 1835 Oil On Canvas 36 x 48 in. x cm National Gallery of Art Widener Collection

So often I have stood, admiring this, one of my favorite Monet paintings anywhere. Often awestruck, and in part because it is in my 'hometown' museum, the Nelson-Atkins in Kansas City.     Boulevard des Capucines is an oil-on-canvas street scene painting of Boulevard des Capucines by French Impressionist artist Claude Monet created in 1873.

Claude Monet Boulevard des Capucines painting, oil on canvas & frame; Claude Monet Boulevard des Capucines is shipped worldwide, 60 days money back guarantee.

I am partial to the "Ashcan School." Had the good fortune to see a great, comprehensive exhibition of AS paintings a few years ago at the City Museum of New York. I am especially fond of John Sloan, but at this moment I somehow focused on George Luks' "Houston Street," 1916.

The Ashcan School, George Luks, Houston Street, oil on canvas, Saint Louis Art Museum

'Van Gogh used the intense blue of the sky to symbolize the "divine and infinite presence" of Jesus. Seeking a "modern artistic language" to represent the divine, he sought a numinous quality in many of his olive tree paintings, such as by bathing olive trees, an emblem for Jesus, in "radiant gold light".' - Kathleen Power Erickson.  ... A favorite of mine, again, from KC's Nelson-Atkins Museum. Here, Van Gogh discovers the colors of impressionism, and moves toward his masterpieces.

Extremely detailed close-ups of Van Gogh’s masterpieces. Olive Orchard / Olive Grove – 1889 × cm × in). Oil on canvas Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Line, color, balance, harmony, and spirit. I love Kandinsky. "Rose with Gray," from 1924, is another painting found in Kansas City's Nelson-Atkin's Museum. I have seen entire exhibits of Kandinsky's work, including one recently at the Guggenheim, but I am especially fond of this painting, and its proximity.

"Rose with Gray" - 1924 by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Mo.

los-fusilamientos-del-3-de-mayo2 ... Goya. When I saw this huge Goya exhibit at the Prado I was humbled by my ignorance. I knew he was a great painter, but outside of a few Dutch masters and Caravaggio I gave short shrift to most (okay, a lot) of pre-19th century painting.

Francisco de Goya The Third of May El Tres de Mayo 1814 Oil on canvas 104 inches by 135 inches x Prado Museum, Madrid

Well, the historical and psychological interpretations of Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" are fun stuff. You know, people torturing themselves about enjoying sexuality, and trying to find some legitimate visionary spiritual context for ... you know, digging it. The "Hell" in the triptych really does seem to be gamblers and triflers. So, Edenic. Or not. I will say this - seeing this sucker up close in the Prado in Madrid is pretty overwhelming.

Hieronymus Bosch, “The garden of earthly delights”. XVIth C Hieronymus Bosch. Date of birth: 's-Hertogenbosch City, Netherlands; date of death Habsburg Netherlands

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