Female idol - Early Cycladic Specifically: 2700 - 2300 BC. © Foto: Antikensammlung der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz

mini-girlz: “ Female idol - Early Cycladic 2700 - 2300 BC ” Wow she looks likes a modern art sculpture.

Character modeling done for Dylan Ekren's class. Original concept by Chabe Escalante.

Character modeling done for Dylan Ekren& class. Original concept by Chabe Escalante.

3000-2000 BCE Description This figure stands with feet together. It is unclear whether the arms, suggested by a raising of the material, bend at the elbow and embrace the chest or whether they continue downwards to the knees.

Figure Early Cycladic BCE) Greece: the Cyclades Marble h. cm UEA 341 Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Early Cycladic, 3200–2800 B.C.E.

Violin-shaped figurine - marble, Early Cycladic I period - Pelos phase, BC

http://www.zenithgallery.com/artists/Hansen, Stephen/available one 07.htm

Teamwork Paper Mache x x By Stephen Hansen

A CYCLADIC FIGURE OF A GODDESS, EARLY BRONZE AGE II, CIRCA 2600-2400 B.C. lying with her arms folded beneath the breasts, with grooved spinal column and V-neck in back, the convex facial plane with pointed chin, small triangular nose, and high forehead. Height 7 1/16 in. 18 cm.

A Cycladic Figure of a Goddess, Early Bronze Age II, circa B.