Ooooh I have to put Babbage in these steampunky gaiters.  Painting by Pieter Christoffel Wonder - The Staircase of the London Residence of the Painter, 1828. Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

The Staircase of the London Residence of the Painter (detail) Pieter Christoffel Wonder 1828

Waistcoat, silk, British, 1845 to 59. Met

vest via The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art “The elaborate embroidery pattern on this vest is well designed and rendered with heavily textured cornucopias next to delicate.

1850s Men's Suits

Man's coat Medium: Black wool Date: Country: USA Credit: Gift of Robert Riley As the simple wool of British country gentlemen gradually replaced French-inspired ornamental silk, the tailored suit became the uniform of Europe's rising bourgeoisie.

Man's Waistcoat (Vest) England, circa 1840 Silk cut and voided velvet on plain-weave foundation with supplementary weft-float twill patterning. At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles

this is the most disgustingly lovely vest i have ever seen. and percival would wear the hell out of it

1835--follow link for more images. Just some more check trousers for Babbage.

Fall Front trousers with "mule ear" pockets circa 1835 more images at the link