Arguments Yard. Whitby Yard This is seriously Dickensian.

c 1890 Arguments Yard Whitby North Yorkshire by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. There are more yards to be seen in the book "Whitby yards through time" by Alan Whitworth.

1866 medieval Steep Street from the junction with Trenchard Street

1866 medieval Steep Street from the junction with Trenchard Street (Bristol?) How the other half lived during Victorian times

old london baked potato seller 1890

This is before my time but nevertheless fascinating: A vintage baked potato cart! A legitimate fast food lunch option back in the day.

Street life in London, 1876.

Life on the Thames, or as photographer John Thomson called it the 'Silent Highway.' Two sailors head down the river in a barge.

Row of houses, late 1800s London

London Slum Market Court, Kensington Who would have thought there once was a slum in an area that now has Harrods and Harvey Nichols in it?

Old photo of one of my favourite pubs, The Grapes in Limehouse (from around 18something?)

The Grapes, Limehouse, England. An historic riverside pub dating from 1585 and still in business today.

Alone in Cloth Fair, c. 1910

24 Cloth Fair or the Dick Whittington Inn was a building of the sixteenth century once part of a row of medieval buildings lining the street. It stood at the end of cloth fair with the junction to Kinghorn st.

George Row, Bermondsey produced by The Fleetway House in the nineteen-twenties

[Wrong era, but great inspiration for Eva's book] The building with the canopy is Bridge House, George Row, Bermondsey, in Built around 1705 and demolished in the place was once surrounded by the Jacob's Island rookery.

Horses and carriages would have been hired from this stable in Upper Richmond Road, 1897. Picture: Wandsworth Museum

Historic London: photographs on display at Wandsworth Museum

Marshall’s Stables, Upper Richmond Road, 1897 Photographer: Unknown A street view from east of livery stables. Horses and carriages were hired from livery stables for private journeys.