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Tsumori Chisato / Alpaca Bi-Color Open Cardigan- I'd wear this every day - it's absolutely beautiful. Though alpaca is very expensive.

Lesley Richmond | Lace Cloth Series | Unnatural Structures (detail)

Lesley Richmond Lace Cloth Series Unnatural Structures (detail) "Some of the forms she constructs with heat-reactive base reference antique lace designs influenced by organic structures.

Lesley Richmond "She makes textiles that suggest organic surfaces by changing the structure of the fabric, rather than imposing a design on the surface of the cloth. She uses distressing techniques and chemical processes to change the surface structure of the fiber into an illusion of organic decay."

Lesley Richmond the artist. Her textiles suggest organic surfaces. This would be from the changing structure of the fabric. Distressing techniques and chemical processes changes the surface structure and gives the illusion of decay.

Rebecca Jasper. Repinned. Cotton is one of the biggest materials used for making clothes today. Nearly most of all ours clothes contain cotton.Cotton - It is one of the most practical and versatile of all natural fibres, however it leads to environmental destruction as heavy pesticide use sprayed on cotton reduces biodiversity, disrupts ecosystems, and contaminates water supplies.

We here in the South call cotton fields, Southern "snow" - Sunrise over the cotton field. LOVE THIS!

Natalie Miller. tapestry, landscape, picture, organic, color, shapes

Learn Tapestry Weaving at Koskela from this artist, Natalie Miller, featured on…

Merino Frisco Sweater - Stay warm when you layer on this colorblocked Merino wool neck sweater with a high-to-low hem and hidden thumbholes.

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Harriet Faille & Organza Shell | MARISSA WEBB

Harriet Faille & Organza Shell | MARISSA WEBB

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