Greek 30-Minute Recipes

Simple Greek dishes that can each be prepared in 30 minutes (give or take a few minutes!). Generally, Greek cooking is not 'fast cooking' but for those of you that don't have much time these are ideal quick recipes for you. They're not only simple, but delicious too!
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Greek Halva

This is called Politiki Halva as it comes from the Greeks living in the Poli - as Constantinople was (and still is) called. It can be made very quickly and easily and is a delicious sweet.

Greek Tirokafteri (Spicy Cheese Dip)

Greek Tirokafteri (Spicy Cheese Dip) - This is a traditional spicy cheese dish, which can be served as a meze with ouzo or beer, or as a dip. It is quick and easy to make.

Greek Taramosalata

Greek Taramosalata recipe (and several others, including tirokafteri). I am on a mission to find a recipe as good as the taramosalata I had at Evvia!


Saganaki - This is a delicious - and filling - side dish. It has to be a hard cheese and in Greece it is best made with Kefalograviera, which is a little softer, or Kefalotiri, which is a little harder.

Leek Rice (Prassorizo)

Greek Leek Rice (Prassorizo) - ½ kg leeks rice for risotto 1 onion finely chopped 2 carrots 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon celery leaves finely chopped Salt and pepper

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