Blue Kanjawaram Saree - draping style is beautiful!!

Beautiful Drape of Blue & Gold (not sure of the completely plain blouse bodice)

Roman Peplos - In order to have enough material it is recommended to make sure the peplos is as wide as your elbows at least if you stand with outstretched arms

Iron Age dresses appear to have been similar in style to the Roman Peplos, or tube dress, simply a tube of material pinned at each shoulder and belted at the waist. In our cold climate, it is quite.

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Indian sari, the word is derived from sanskrit and means: a strip of cloth. This is the general attire for women, which can be styled/draped in many different ways.

There are more than 80 recorded ways of draping a sari. Beautiful watercolor illustration of different styles of saris and clothing worn by women in.

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