Design by Ben Wiseman

The right cover for “Lolita”

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Calligraphy would be an good way to get an unique logo. (Hand-lettering and calligraphy gallery featuring "Stay humble & Hustle hard" by Jennet Liaw.

MoreThanThis Matt Roeser, Candlewick Press

Q & A with Matt Roeser, Candlewick Press

More Than This by Patrick Ness. Book design by Matt Roeser. This is an Amazing book!

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The Forsaken by Lisa M Stasse--After the formation of the United Northern Alliance--a merger of Canada, the United States, and Mexico into one Alenna is sent to an desolate prison island for teenagers believed to be predisposed to violence.

The Lake

I love Banana Yoshimoto and this cover is perfect for her and her stories. The Lake by Banana Yoshimoto