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Powerful Paintings by Andrew Salgado. Andrew Salgado is a Canadian artist based in London...Love him.

COLOR EMOTIONS IN PAINTING---------------Powerful Paintings by Andrew Salgado - Andrew Salgado is a Canadian artist based in London. His powerful, colourful portraits are focused on themes such as identity, sexuality and convalescence.

Jenny Saville details

Blurry messy face and clear eye CUZ I see the world clearly but it doesn't see me clearly

Jenny Saville drawing. Most of her paintings are large nudes, not idealized in any way.

Jenny Saville ‘Study for Pentimenti II’ - this is drawing at its finest - intelligent, exploratory and purposeful, rich with astute observation and fluid markmaking.

Jenny Saville, my observations: their bodies entwine as one creating a persona of one person, fragile to life, portrayed with a young child

Jenny Saville 'Reproduction' two of her current large scale drawings hung in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford alongside works by Masters Titian and michelangelo.