25 Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings by Valentina Zou and Drawing Tips for beginners

50 Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings from top artists around the world

Pencil Drawing...wow...looks so real...love the long natural eyelashes and the way the artist shows such emotion in this....<3<3<3

If you are looking for "pencil drawings of eyes" or "realistic eye drawing techniques", this article would be your best friend. We all can probably draw eyes,

Beautiful drawing

Illustration inspiration

Don't cry to night by Omar Gordillo Soto. What I would GIVE to be able to draw like this! The tear drop is so realistic.

Malcolm T. Liepke (Simple & provocative, yet way more tasteful than some...)

Malcolm Liepke "Malcolm T. Liepke" was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the unabridged honesty that comes with Midwestern roots shows up in his work. Liepke is an unapologetic realist, who paints with a smoking brush.