What a beautiful soothing elegant white/silver garden with touches of soft blues/purples under mature tree..The meandering fine gravel path makes for an enticing enviable landscape

Velvet and Linen: Patina Farm garden Floribunda roses, several different kinds of lavender and cat mint, would be nice for my walkway to the river house

I would LOVE yellow. but I'd have to paint the walls in the entry a different color because i don't think they'd look great with a bright yellow. hmm.

Try using the same color paint on the interior and exteior of your front door! Here it is in a really bright yellow! Love this foyer too! Good yellow for store doors?

Another butcher block idea, more rustic, looks like marble behind it, and the archway between rooms is gorgeous.

Beautiful and Useful: Butcher Block Counters

Grey Cabinetry + marble counters & back splash + walnut island top. Love the warm wood texture on the island in contrast to the gray cabinets & stainless steel appliances

yellow painted window trim

A Dozen Ways to Play with Happy Yellow

This bright yellow window-frame provides such a vibrant pop of colour, the whole room will feel put together and complete! This would go especially nicely in a simple, all white room with a few other matching yellow accents-stunning! BR x

Interior of the Week- Retrouvius

Interior of the Week- Retrouvius